NGC 6888 - the Crescent Nebula in Cygnus

This is an addition of two nights' work, the first on the 23 June 09, and the second, last night 25 May 12. both taken with the same kit of course, the WO 98 with FR carrying the M25C, guided by the H9C in the Vixen VMC260L. Both taken under cloudless skies, though last night's sky was hazy and a bit too close to dawn, in fact I lost 5 frames to the rising dawn.
Pre-processing was done in Astroart as was the matching and averaging of both sets of frames. The final tweaking was done in Photoshop CS2, without sharpening.

There is an abundance of glowing hydrogen all over the frame, several dark areas, dust clouds, and stars too. Just above the nebula is a couple of bright stars, the red SAO69636, a Carbon star, and the blue SAO69635 above it. Not sure if they are related. At the lower left is a small Open Cluster NGC 4996. All this is located on the spine of the Swan, just below the cross of the wings, with the Milky Way running through it.

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