The Lagoon (M8) and Trifid (M20) Nebulae

The Lagoon Nebula (the lower object) is a giant emission nebula in the constellation of Sagittarius located around 5000 light years from Earth. It is a HII region like the Orion nebula.

The Trifid Nebula (the upper object)  is also a HII region, it is unusual in that the lower magenta portion is an emission nebula like M8, whereas the purple/blue upper portion is a reflection nebula. There is also a dark nebula which can be seen as the gaps in the emission nebula part. Again located around 5000 ly from Earth.

Imaged from Lanzarote.

I used my Nikon 180mm prime lens for this, which results in purple
halos around stars, they were tricky to get rid of here as the steps
taken muted the nebulosity somewhat, so I have done some masking etc....
and in the end added in diffraction spikes to hide the after effects of
the halos.

Nikon D5300 (modded), Nikkor 180mm f2.8 lens @ f3.2, Star Adventurer Mount

14 x 60s @ ISO 2500

Usual workflow, Stacking in Nebulosity 4, then PS & LR.