30.1.13 - Fireball or Space Junk

At 9:04pm I saw a Fireball. It swept from Cancer through the bowl of the Plough, close to Kochab, then on to the top of Cygnus, though that was in too much haze to be sure, but certainly in that area. Could have got to Lacerta, all very low and in the murk.
It was very bright, very much brighter than Venus, perhaps about mag -7 or -8. Strong green head with orange-red just behind the head. It made a steady straight line as described, then at the end, it made a slight curve downwards, as though running out of power, before it faded out quite sharply. The green head was quite steady, but the orange part behind the head threw off "sparks". It had the overall shape of a very short tailed comet, but much more colourful of course. I heard no noise from it.
Was it a fireball or some space junk burning up in the atmosphere? Certainly impressive.

Aurora in Finland - 7.1.13

Taken by Broomstick Rider Number 1, while on a trip to Finland in search of a new Familiar. She found this Aurora among others. She says the little house is a sauna, but I think it's really an outside toilet.