The Leo Trio

The Leo Trio
Another image of the Leo Trio. A narrower field of view this time.
Using an ED100 APO with a 0.85 focal reducer, also with a Canon 600D astromodified camera with CLS CCD filter.
30 x 300 sec exposures at ISO 800.

Max Freier, Rossington 22.02.2015

Leo Trio

17.2.15. 12x300s iso400 captured with Nebulosity, sigma averaged in AstroArt and processed in Photoshop,this image was taken with a Takahashi FSQ 106 refractor and a Canon EOS 600 dslr with a CLS filter.The group of spiral galaxies in Leo consists of M65, M66 and ngc 3628,also known as the Hamburger Galaxy.