Constellation Orion by Bill Hughes

At about 11:30pm, 11.12.12, I took 12 frames of Orion with my Canon 600D and 50mm. F2.8 standard lens. with 90 sec. exposures. Because the lens covers quite a large area of sky with fairly dark at the top of Orion to lighter and more orange at the bottom, it was extremely difficult to get rid of the gradient without also getting rid of the detail. I think the result is quite good considering that it was taken from my garden with all the light pollution of Doncaster surrounding me.
Bill Hughes

9.12.12 - Sunday

A Report from Peter of general observing from the small dome at the Austerfield Observatory, while others, Dave and Rhys, were using the large dome for DSLR work.

Jupiter - Europa - 29.11.12 - 10:02pm

This was taken with the DMK camera through the Vixen VMC260L from the Austerfield Observatory. The conditions were good except for an almost full Moon spreading it's light everywhere, polluting an otherwise clear sky.
The intention was to make an animation of the passage of Europa across the face of the planet and for about an hour I took a series of 1 minute videos for that purpose. But in the final processing I found that only two were of use, the rest were not well enough focused, so have been abandoned. So please use your imagination to watch the moon and its shadow pass across the face of Jupiter.
Must do better next time. I've heard that a few times in my school life.