M8 and M20 in Sagittarius

This was taken by Bill Hughes from 7000' up on Tenerife while on holiday. Two jpg frames (120sec at 1600ISO) were taken and calibrated by the camera's internal noise reduction system, then stacked and processed in Photoshop. The camera was a modified Canon 500D fitted with a 200mm/f/2.8 lens.

NGC281 - Pacman - in Cassiopeia

This is yet another re-processing job, it's still raining, this time of one I took in July 2008. It's a brightish cloud of nebulosity, about Moon size. It was photographed with the M25C, it must have been quite new then, and still working faultlessly.
The telescope was the Skywatcher 80ED, sat on the Meade 14". The Meade's poor drive system is controlled by my even older H9C, aided of course, by the very long focal length of the Meade guiding the much shorter focal length of the 80ED.
Calibration was done with flats and bias frames in Astroart, and finished off as an LRGB photograph in CS6.