Inspired by Sandra’s printout of the ISS predictions, I saw the ISS on my way home from the meeting at 9:17 pm and set up my camera on its Polaris mount ready for the next pass at 10:52 pm. I used a Canon 600D with a 14mm. F 2.8 very wide angle lens. As it would take several minutes ( 139 secs. exp) to pass through the field of view, I could only use ISO 100 or the sky glow would over expose the photo. I have enhanced it with Photoshop and am pleased with the result apart from the reflection of the street lights and the trail looks broken on the computer screen. If you enlarge it you will see that it is OK and there are a surprising number of stars captured. The satellite is shown passing above Aquila. The trees are blurred as the camera was moving to track the stars. This report was made by Bill Hughes who took the photograph too.