M51 - 25.2.14


Taken by Rhys Owen with his modified Canon 600D and Takahashi FSQ106ED. The exposure was 5x600sec at ISO400 and 5x600sec at ISO800. Calibration was done in Astroart, sigma averaging each set then adding the two results. Final processing was done in Photoshop.
Do you see any more galaxies in this?

The Sun on 13.2.14

This is a four pane mosaic of the Sun taken as single frames between clouds, using a Canon 550D and the SS solar filter system. The Sun was very active that day and though the four frames were taken within the space of about 10 mins the changes to areas where the panes had to match made it very difficult to do the matching. The SS filter is an Hydrogen Alpha system so the results were monochrome and the colouring was added in Photoshop. I still haven't got the exposures right as the prominences were much more pronounced than this photograph suggests.