NGC 7000 - the Water Buffalo

Another clear night last night, 26.5.12, though very summer short. Anything later than 2:30am was spoiled by dawn, and I lost 3 frames for that last night.
The usual kit was used, the WO98 telescope and the M25C camera. Very pleased with the camera, but I'd like smaller pixels.
The time on this photograph totalled 13x300 = 65 mins, not at all enough for the subject, but better than cloud cover. I could repeat the exercise another night to increase the total time, but I think I'd rather try another subject if it's clear again tomorrow night. Always that dilemma. So much to do, so little time.
Astroart5 was used to acquire and pre-process the photograph, and Photoshop CS2 to do the rest, which is always more with shorter overall exposure time.
The Vixen VMC260L and H9C were used to guide with Astroart. I keep meaning to try PHD but haven't got round to it yet.

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