Abell 39

This is tiny, well, not so tiny as planetary nebulae go (2.8 arcmins), and faint. Almost invisible in single frames of 5 mins, so I had to add 33 frames of that length, during a surprising night without cloud. In fact almost the whole of the week was without cloud. The Cloud God must be on holiday.
There was some haze though and I had 8 frames that I should have dumped because of that, but included, and have had to make processing adjustments.
Taken on 1.5.13 with the M25C in the Tak106, guided by the H9C in the Vixen260. The fat Moon rising in the dawn put a stop to it all, in fact some of the 8 hazy frames were due to that. It needs more data so I may do it all again. It hangs there in space like a green bubble. Love it.
The data was acquired in Nebulosity, then pre-processed in Astroart and finally processed in Photoshop.

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