This was taken on 16.7.13 from the Austerfield Observatory, using a Tak106 and M25C. The guiding was done with an H9C in the Vixen260 controlled by Astroart. I've been trying to get PHD to work for me but have so far failed, I think because the stars seen through the Vixen have mostly been too small for PHD, though Astroart manages with them.
We've had a heat wave recently lasting for several days, and we're not used to it. It has filled the skies with haze and dust so photography has been compromised severely, even though there haven't been any clouds. I've also been trying to get my DSLR to perform, again without success. So here is a return to "normality", and an Open Cluster near the top end of Ophiuchus, small but neat and blue. Stacked by Sigma Average in Astroart and finally fiddled with in Photoshop.
Note the long diagonal string of stars to the right centre. The Joynes String?

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