The Milky Way- from South Africa

I hoped to take some dark sky pictures whilst I was away, however there was a lot of light pollution from the hotels and local towns.
So I took a chance one night and pointed my Cannon 1100D at the sky.
18(28.8)mm f3.5, 15secs ISO 1600 and hoped for the best.  Just used 6.3M JPEG, well I wasn't sure it would work.
This was 6/9/2013 @20.45 from St Lucia -28.37 South, 32.41 East.
The first one has been a little processed. the cluster is M7, Antares at the bottom of the view. Sag A* is in the top layer of dust, to the right of M7.
Peter Smith

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brajeng said...

Send me a copy at full size, privately. I can't tell what is what at this size.