M31 - the Andromeda Spiral

By Bill Hughes, using a modified Canon 600D, with a 200mm f/2.8 Canon lens. The exposure was 6 x 69sec at ISO1600. Canon in-camera noise reduction was used before stacking in Astroart and finally processing in Photoshop Elements 10 with help from GradX and Topaz Denoise.



The second version is the work of Max Freier who used a Nikon 90D. The exposure was 120 x 60sec, darks taken separately. Acquired in BackyardNIKON, stacked in DSS and finally processed in PixinSight.

The third is by Rhys Owen, taken with a Canon 600D through a Takahashi FSQ106ED, for 1 x 300sec exposure. Processed in Photoshop. Is that a meteor strike?

Three different results of the same subject showing the variation obtainable through different methods and processing.
It isn't a competition, just chance that they all worked on the same subject, at about the same time.
All  pretty good considering the minimal data they all had to work with.

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Peter said...

On Rhys's image, no that is not a meteor strike. It is an aircraft. You can see that the light was flashing.