The Moon's South-east

This is the Moon's far south-south-east region.  The libration was quite favourable but the picture was taken two days after full moon, so the edge is the terminator and not the limb.  The libration zone is in darkness.

It is a mosaic of three frames taken using an Imaging Source DMK 21AF04 camera at prime focus of the EXT125.  Each frame was made from a 60-second video using multi-point alignment in RegiStax 6 and enhanced slightly with wavelets 1 and 2 set to 5.  It was further sharpened by using Focus Magic and the contrast and brightness adjusted slightly in PhotoImpact.

There are a number of interesting features in this region of the Moon.  In particular, here, the large, degraded crater Janssen is nicely revealed (a little above the centre of the picture towards the right).

An annotated version of another picture of this area is at

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